Comparing kilns for metal clay?


Kiln comparison video

We put together a little video which you might find helpful. It is a brief comparison of the most popular metal clay kilns in the UK. We’re not going into details, so if you want specifics on sizes and more, please follow the links below.

In the video we’re having a look at the following kilns:

Have a look at the video comparing metal clay kilns available in the UK

These are all kept in stock at, including a whole rainbow of colours for the Paragon SC2, ready for next day delivery in the UK.

Paragon SC2 kiln colour range rainbow

ULTRALITE STUDIO KILNUltraLite Studio Fine Jewellery Kiln

Of course, we also carry the fabulous Ultralite Studio Fine Jewellery Making Kiln, which is used for Keum-Boo (adding gold foil to silver and other metals), 999 silver clay firing, small glass fusing, enamelling, and granulation.

We LOVE this little mini dinky thing for Keum-Boo and making quick little glass cabochons.

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